Obscure Consultancy is a computer and video game business development consultancy. Obscure provides business development support for creative developers, leaving them free to focus on the important issues of creative game design & development. The Obscure Consultancy is run by industry veteran Dan Marchant [view Dan’s Bio], who has extensive industry experience at both computer game publishers and developers. How do you know if our services would be useful? If you don’t want to spend development time handling…. Contract negotiations with exciting (!?!) clauses such as:

  • First and last matching rights
  • Termination without cause
  • Recoupable advances (and why they mean you won’t earn a cent in royalties)
  • Net Sales deductions
  • Intellectual property (IP) ownership

Or you need to understand the importance (to publishers) of:

  • Asset pipelines
  • Decision pipelines
  • Pitch documents & game demos (and how they are different from tech demos)

Or you just want some help polishing up your presentation, then click on the Obscure Services link in the menu.For those of you who are just interested in finding out more about the games industry check out the Articles section from the menu.