Developer Start-up – This section contains a number of short articles focused on starting/managing a development studio. The target audience is anyone seeking to start-up a computer/video game development company or those who have recently done so.

Funding for projectsUpdated
A discussion of the various methods available for funding development.

Legal agreements every start-up developer should have
Planning to start a development studio? This article discusses the various legal agreements that every start-up game developer should invest in.

The developer start-up process
Planning to start a development studio? This article covers the things you need to plan for before you press the big red “launch” button.

Additional hints & tips for new start up developers
Being a developer isn’t just about making games, it is also about making a good impression.

Butterfly or caterpillar?
Understanding the publisher growth model (and its impact on your business).

Preparing a pitch
A check-list for developers who want to pitch their games to a publisher.

Preparing a demo
What constitutes a demo and why you need one.

The acquisition process
An explanation of the product acquisition process.

The Computer and Video Game Industry – This section contains articles which provide an introduction to the industry. The target audience for these articles is anyone interested in how the industry operates.

Computer Game Industry (an overview)
An overview of the games industry as a whole.

Computer Game Publishing (an overview)
An introduction to the computer game publishing business.

Computer Game Development (an overview)
An overview of computer game development process

The business of game development – Its effect on the development process
A look at how business impacts on the game development process.

Product development from the Publishers perspective
What the publisher saw.