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“I have a great idea for a film….

…and I think it would make a great game” I have had quite a large number of meetings over the years that started with that line, both as a publisher and as a developer. My reaction has always been the same; I feel used. From talking to other game people they seem to say the […]

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Design Objectives

In a recent blog post (Pag on Games » Designer’s Intent) Pierre-Alexandre Garneau talks about something he calls Design Intent, which I have always referred to as design objectives. In essence the designer sets objectives for the project and for each section/module of the project that the team can clearly understand. When setting objectives I […]

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Grand Theft Auto Syndrome

Grand Theft Auto Syndome is a disorder which afflicts small start-up developers and causes them to believe that their small team is actually five or six times its actual size. As a result they decide that their first project will be a Grand Theft Auto beater, requiring three years development and a $15 million development […]

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Kyoto trip

Well I took a couple of weeks holiday, packed my bags and headed off for a break from work. While I was away I went on a short walking tour of the lesser known parts of Kyoto. I guess it was too much to expect to escape entirely from video games in the home city […]

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Why publishers don`t buy game ideas…

The concept of selling game ideas is one that appeals to a lot of people, especially those outside the industry looking to break in. In a recent post over on (Link) someone once again asked the question of how to go about getting $10 million from a publisher for a game idea (with no […]

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Stupid Reason #3 – “I have a great idea for a game”

Making games requires creativity and a great game idea is an important part of that. However, starting a company need more than just a great game idea. If you are looking to go the digital download/self publishing route you also need to know how to market your company and your games to customers and how […]

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