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Never mind the polygons #6

Tuesday 15th May – Pixel Labs will be hosting the latest evening of beer and game dev discussion at Friargate Studios in Derby. Iain Simmons and I will be joined in the hot seats by Nick Burton (Rare), and Alan O’Dea (Business Development Manager, Monumental Games) for a light hearted industry quiz/rant followed by general […]

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Warm up North

I attended the inaugural Northern Exposure gaming conference yesterday, which took place at York Racecourse. The event was organised by North-based games networks GameHorizon and Game Republic and was focused on the future of games publishing and the impact of digital distribution. There were a number of interesting and lively talks given by a variety […]

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Hell – tech vs life

After much consideration the devil has decided to add a new level to hell. This level will be a lake a raw sewage, topped with a scum of soap bubbles and washed by incessant rain driven by lukewarm winds. The main inhabitant of this foul domain will be the inventor of the utterly useless automated, […]

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