This week I are mostly been playin’…

Risk style game onlineConquer Club – It’s an online board game in the style of Risk. It has the classic World map but also has over 40 other maps, including Ancient Greece, the US Senate and an enhanced World 2.1. You can play against up to 5 other players and Conquer Club has a host of game modes including Standard, Terminator, Assassin, Doubles and Triples (the last two are team play). It also has options for Bonus cards and play style (turn based or freestyle). If you like playing Risk style games but can’t find enough people to play with check out It’s free to play (though you can sign up for a premium membership if you play a lot) and the only downside is other people. – Some people do deadbeat (fail to take their turns and get kicked from the game) but hey it’s free and it’s fun.

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