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Poker vs Blackjack

While catching up on my reading I came upon a post entitled Bluff on Pierre-Alexandre Garneau’s blog. The topic was the concept of bluffing in games with a mention of one of my favorite games of the moment, Texas Hold ’em Poker. Now oddly I used to hate Poker, almost as much as I hated […]

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Scott Miller incubates

Video Game news site has a story up here about an apparent new IP incubator company to be founded by Scott Miller of 3DRealms and Jim Perkins, a former SVP of GT Interactive. The story is based on the brief existence of a web site (now showing just a logo) for a company called […]

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Polygons reaches double figures

Lively industry Networking event Never Mind the Polygons reached double figures this week as Polygons #10 took place on Thursday the 13th of March, in the Union bar at the University of Derby. The event was hosted as usual by Toby Barnes of Pixel-Labs and I was joined on the good team by George Bray, […]

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Take-Two’s poisoned power pill.

According to a Reuters’ report here the computer games publisher Take-Two has instituted a severance plan for employees (both executive and non-executive level), which would be activated in the event of them being fired following any purchase of the company. Obviously Take-Two are a caring company with their employees best interests at heart and the […]

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Game Industry Links ++

Veteran games marketing man Bruce Everiss has posted a fairly exhaustive list of Game Development related web sites. Below is Bruce’s original list (which he has kindly given permission for anyone to repost) plus some additional sites I use on a regular basis. Please share and enjoy. Here I will list a whole pile of […]

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Holocaust game shocker? … no New York Times are rubbish so no shock there then.

The New York Times web site media section posted a story (nytimes story) yesterday about Holocaust themed game Imagination Is the Only Escape, claiming that there had been disgust following the announcement of the game and that the game would not be coming to shop shelves in the USA as Nintendo of America had stated […]

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