Polygons reaches double figures

NMTP header image Lively industry Networking event Never Mind the Polygons reached double figures this week as Polygons #10 took place on Thursday the 13th of March, in the Union bar at the University of Derby. The event was hosted as usual by Toby Barnes of Pixel-Labs and I was joined on the good team by George Bray, International Business Development Manager for Mumbo Jumbo. My normal sparing partner Iain Simmons (captain of the bad team) was absent this time and stepping into his shoes was Nick Burton (Rare/ MGS), partnered by Craig Albeck (Games Republic).

Crayon Physics indie gameBoth teams were once again soundly beaten in the evenings quiz/discussion section by an enthusiastic audience (in excess of 70 strong) as topics as diverse as Indie Gaming, Atari and Haircuts (you had to be there) were discussed and debated at length. Following on from the discussions the evening moved on to drink and networking as students mingled with developers from Rare, Eurocom and Monumental Games before making their way off into the night to finally head home.

NMTP #11 is scheduled for Thurs May 8th with the venue TBC (most likely Derby) so do come and join us if you are in the area.

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