Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Programmer

It seems that the the Russian’s weren’t the only ones to have high level spies operating deep within the UK government during the 80s and that TIGA operatives may also have been working undercover to protect the games industry for the last 25 years. (Which would be impressive as TIGA hasn’t existed that long). It would seem that either their agents sabotaged the passing of laws that restrict the sale of some video games or else the Thatcher government just wasn’t very good at actually passing laws properly.

According to a news story on the BBC website here the Thatcher government bought in the Video Recordings Act (VRA) in 1984 which restricts the sale of violent video games and films. However, despite “passing” the law they somehow failed to inform the European Commission and, as a result, the law is now rendered unenforceable until it can be passed again – a process that will take 3 months apparently.

Oddly, although those currently being prosecuted under the law can not be prosecuted the government is claiming that those already found guilty under the non-existent law will not be able to overturn their prosecution or receive financial recompense.

The government will now attempt to re-master the law without the infinite lives cheat mode.

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