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of, or relating to, computer and/or video game development. (See also those who are downtrodden.)

No port in a (financial) storm

It used to be the case that selling your studio to a multi-national publisher was a great way to secure the future of your company. Massive financial resources would be available to a develop to create those great games you had always wanted to make, which would in-turn get major marketing support as the publisher […]

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Steve “Snowy” White and the Seven Directors

Deep in the Enchanted Forest stands a lovely little cottage; home to Steve White and the Seven Directors. Steve, known as “Snowy” to his pals, is the sole employee of a game development company Enchantia Software. He’s the sole employee because all seven of the other people working there are Company Directors. The Seven Directors […]

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More useless information on Digital Downloads

In a recent piece on (Sony claims 14 million active PSN accounts // News) Sony announced that there are now 14 million active PSN accounts and that between them they have downloaded over 273 million pieces of content. “pieces of content” could of course refer to paid for content such as games, themes etc […]

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“Geon” launches on PSN (US)

The PSN version of Strawdog Studios’ game “Geon” just launched on the US PSN network and is coming to PAL territories on 2nd October. The team have spent several months reworking/enhancing the game as a result of feedback on the original XBLA version. The new features in the PSN version include: New goal scoring system […]

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Moral rights, porn star Tera Patrick and Saint’s Row 2

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) aren’t something most people think about in relation to porn. However that is exactly what I thought about when I read this article, published by Kotaku  (Saint’s Row 2: Porn Starlet Tera Patrick Joins Saint’s Row 2). The porn st…. sorry adult star Tera Patrick has been appointed “Special Producer” for […]

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The level designers were right…

Game reviewers are always complaining about unrealistic level design in First Person Shooter games set in military bases. How can it be, they ask, that these military installations are littered with crates, barrels and gas tanks that a games hero can climb on, throw, stack up or blow up. Do these level designers think we […]

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Poker vs Blackjack

While catching up on my reading I came upon a post entitled Bluff on Pierre-Alexandre Garneau’s blog. The topic was the concept of bluffing in games with a mention of one of my favorite games of the moment, Texas Hold ’em Poker. Now oddly I used to hate Poker, almost as much as I hated […]

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Scott Miller incubates

Video Game news site has a story up here about an apparent new IP incubator company to be founded by Scott Miller of 3DRealms and Jim Perkins, a former SVP of GT Interactive. The story is based on the brief existence of a web site (now showing just a logo) for a company called […]

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Game Industry Links ++

Veteran games marketing man Bruce Everiss has posted a fairly exhaustive list of Game Development related web sites. Below is Bruce’s original list (which he has kindly given permission for anyone to repost) plus some additional sites I use on a regular basis. Please share and enjoy. Here I will list a whole pile of […]

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Stupid reason #4 – “Most of the games today are rubbish – I’m sure I can do better”

Of all the stupid reasons to set up a development company (or even to just try and get a job in the industry) #4 is one which crops up far too often. The logic behind it seems to be that a huge percentage of games that reach the market are badly made, unoriginal, poorly tuned […]

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