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Twitter – tech vs life

This one is filed under Tech vs Life. The clue’s in the name…. twit. Twitter is a symptom of our “need to be famous/gotta watch the celebrities” society. People actually think that what their doing is interesting/worthwhile and worth sharing with the world. It wouldn’t be so bad if these boring people actually posted worthwhile […]

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Skype – tech 4 life

Filed under Tech4Life – the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) video-calling software Skype is one of those bits of tech that has made a real positive impact on my life. I recently relocated to Hong Kong to live but am working with a company in the UK and attending Monday morning management meetings. A few […]

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Sixth Sense – tech 4 life

This video from is a very interesting presentation given by Pattie Maes from MIT about a project being spearheaded by one of her students Pranav Mistry. The system is a wearable device that recognises what is in front of you (a person, a product, a newspaper) and can project meta data related to that […]

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A Zen moment

During a recent trip to Hong Kong I went to Lantau Island to visit the Buddhist monastery (founded by three Zen masters in 1920) to see the giant Buddha. When I got there the cloud cover was so low that even after climbing up the 269 steps to the base of the statue I couldn’t […]

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Hell – tech vs life

After much consideration the devil has decided to add a new level to hell. This level will be a lake a raw sewage, topped with a scum of soap bubbles and washed by incessant rain driven by lukewarm winds. The main inhabitant of this foul domain will be the inventor of the utterly useless automated, […]

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PSP launch games

The announcement of a new console is like a wave advancing on the beach. It rushes toward you bubbling and frothing, promising so much while developers, like magical sea-horses, ride the wave bringing with them the promise of dazzling new games for this wondrous new platform. So it has been since the announcement of Sony’s […]

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