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Moral rights, porn star Tera Patrick and Saint’s Row 2

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) aren’t something most people think about in relation to porn. However that is exactly what I thought about when I read this article, published by Kotaku  (Saint’s Row 2: Porn Starlet Tera Patrick Joins Saint’s Row 2). The porn st…. sorry adult star Tera Patrick has been appointed “Special Producer” for […]

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Scott Miller incubates

Video Game news site has a story up here about an apparent new IP incubator company to be founded by Scott Miller of 3DRealms and Jim Perkins, a former SVP of GT Interactive. The story is based on the brief existence of a web site (now showing just a logo) for a company called […]

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“I have a great idea for a film….

…and I think it would make a great game” I have had quite a large number of meetings over the years that started with that line, both as a publisher and as a developer. My reaction has always been the same; I feel used. From talking to other game people they seem to say the […]

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Eidos surrender on champ manager?

I will belatedly comment on an item from a December ’06 copy of MCV (, having just found the page that I tore from the paper. Page 12 of issue 415 (1st Dec ’06) featured an announcement by Ian Livingston (Director of Acquisitions) that Eidos are keen to create a Championship Manager game using Sony’s […]

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Intellectual Property in the digital age

The UK government have undertaken a review of Intellectual Property in the digital age. The Gower Report focuses on the future of IP law (from a UK stand point) in the digital age. Obviously the reality is that IP law is an international issue and an UK initiative will need to be fed up to […]

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