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of, or relating to, computer and/or video game publishing. (See also Highway Robbery.)

Why publishers don`t buy game ideas…

The concept of selling game ideas is one that appeals to a lot of people, especially those outside the industry looking to break in. In a recent post over on (Link) someone once again asked the question of how to go about getting $10 million from a publisher for a game idea (with no […]

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The publisher shall pay the developer… eventually

Let’s assume that you have managed to negotiate a deal where the publisher doesn’t recoup advances (as mentioned here) or maybe you have self-funded development and will be earning a royalty from unit one. It might seem that all is looking rosy is the cash-flow garden. Sadly there is a weed in the flower bed […]

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Do you speak publisher?

If you want to be a successful computer game developer you need to be bi-lingual. As a developer your native tongue is most likely Creative but when doing business with computer and video game publishers you also need to speak Business. The problem for many computer game developers is that the two languages appears to […]

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Publishers at GDC…. book early to avoid disappointment

Following the ESA’s decision to revamp E3 (which will probably result in some uncertainty about the new format), I think it is safe to assume that GDC will be the main developer networking/business event of ’07. Where previously there were two main events at which to meet publishers, this year only one will be meaningful […]

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I came, I played, I learned

“In this mornings lesson we will be studying the Battle of Cannae, fought between the Romans and Carthaginians in 216 BC. Please load your copy of Rome:Total History and open saved game number 42. While it is loading can anyone tell me who the Carthaginians were?” One reason why I feel that the game industry […]

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EA buys Criterion

“EA to Acquire Criterion Software Group …” This was the headline that greeted the CEOs of all the major software publishers as they sat down to breakfast on the morning of 29th, July 2004. At a stroke Electronic Arts had secured a valuable development resource (including the “Burnout” and “Black” game IPs) and, more importantly, […]

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PSP launch games

The announcement of a new console is like a wave advancing on the beach. It rushes toward you bubbling and frothing, promising so much while developers, like magical sea-horses, ride the wave bringing with them the promise of dazzling new games for this wondrous new platform. So it has been since the announcement of Sony’s […]

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