Obscure Services

Business Development support for creative developers.
Being creative is great if you want to make games. However, if you want to get paid to make games you need to understand the business of computer game development – or have someone on your side who does. You need to understand what publishers want, how to negotiate a good deal, what the clauses in a publishing agreement really mean and (most importantly) how much you are really going to earn for all your hard work. The concept behind our service is to provide business support, thus allowing you more time to focus on the important issues of creative game design & development. We explain the obscure workings of the game publishers mind [shudder] so that you can more easily do business with them. We also help you promote your company, working in the background so that we remain obscure but you don’t.

Contract review/negotiation
A draft contract is just that, a draft and you should always negotiate with your publisher to get the right deal. If you don’t understand how the contract will affect your business, or don’t enjoy the process of deal negotiations then we are happy to undertake this work on your behalf. We can either review a contract (provide feedback on what the clauses mean for your business and suggest changes) or undertake contract negotiation on your behalf.

  • Understand the important of IP
  • How the financial terms in the contract actually convert into cash in your account
  • Understand what rights you keep and what you are giving away
  • Is the termination clause fair?
  • What exactly is cross-colateralisation?

Product submission:
The publisher submission is a critical process that almost every game must go through. We review your designs docs, demos and associated documentation prior to submission to a publisher, allowing you to make iron out any mistakes before meeting the publishers. We work closely with you to ensure you make the best presentation possible (with the limits of your resources).
This includes the option to meet and present your product to us in a dry run Pitch meeting and be cross examined and questioned by us in the same way that you would be by a publisher. This allows you to make mistakes and work out the weak points of your presentation prior to meeting with a Publisher.

Obscure will assist with the production of:
i. Product Proposal Document – Feedback on the document focusing on the layout, product information & business related information that should be included.
ii. Design Document – Discuss the structure and objectives of the design as well as its level of detail.
iii. Budget – Feedback on the line items included.
iv. Demo – Possibly the most important item. What you should and shouldn’t show.

Obscure will review your presentation, highlight the weak points and ask the type of questions you will face from a Publisher. We will also provide suggested changes and additions and explain how they will add to your final presentation. In this way you can focus your resources ($$$) to make the most efficient use of them. If you have not already prepared the necessary items we will assist with information on what should and should not be included, as well as key points to be aware of for each item.

Industry Information:
Obscure can also provide information on the following areas;
i. Methods of finding funding, including VC and Publisher funding,
ii. Becoming “licensed” developers (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft),
iii. Common software publishing contract issues (including copyright, sub-licensing, subsidiary rights, sequel rights, etc.),
iv. Importance of PR and what it will cost,
v. Publishing VS distribution,
vi. Finding additional resources (graphics, sound, music etc.),
vii. Professional resources (accountants, legal and financial).
viii. Trade shows and trade publications.

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